Social media are probably one of the best ways to make money and advertise your business. Large groups and people with common interests are your target audience.

Here are some ways you can make money through social media.

  • Create a Youtube Chanel.

Youtube has a huge community that is constantly growing. Creating a video will help you attract customers and promote your business but as you make more and more videos, your fanbase will become stable and your customers will become regular .

Types of videos you can make are : infographics , tutorials, comedy.

  • Create a pinterest account.

Probably the best way to attract traffic on blogs and businesses, pinterest has a huge community ready to share your pins. All you need to do is create beautiful pictures and infographics worth sharing.

  • Sell stock photos.

If you are good with photography or design you might consider selling your art.

Use a service like Flickr to get people acquainted with your work , giving them photos they can use on their blogs for free. Once you’ve built up a following , join a website like shutterstock or istockphoto where users will pay to use your artwork on their websites.

  • Build a Facebook community.

One of the best way to engage people to your content or your product is by making them feel part of a community. Use Facebook to create a beautiful page and start making it feel like “home”. Your goal is to post beautiful and engaging content every day and not content that is only focused around the product you wan to sell.

  • Every moment matters .

If you want to make money out of social media you have to be interesting and engaging. The best way to keep your feed running with beautiful posts is taking advantage of every moment. Pictures and thoughts are the things we can constantly get. So the next time you go for a run and you see a flower or the next time you have your philosophical thoughts running see it as a chance to upload content.