Stress : we all know what it is and we all have it sometimes. It can be a helpful friend or an angry enemy. Luckily with these 5 simple tips you will hopefully overcome this unhealthy addiction.

Step 1 : control you addiction .

Yup ,I said addiction , stress is an addictive situation and if you are experiencing a lot of stress for a long period of time , chances are that you are addicted to it.

Stress is like an adrenaline rush , your body needs ┬áto cope with difficult situations ,but if you open the door and let it into your life ,you will probably get addicted and unfortunately you won’t be able to get through the day without it.

So the best way to overcome this addiction is to never think about it.

Whenever you feel stressed , think of something else. I know it’s hard but the only thing that makes it hard is your addiction.

Step 2 : recognize your enemy .

Often we feel stressed and we don’t know why . So it is very important to recognize the reason you are stressed. Try to follow your way back to the moment your adrenaline rush started , what where you thinking at this specific moment ? This way you can identify the reason behind the stress and find a solution.

Step 3 : face your problems .

This is the most important step of the process . Often we have the tendency to look away from out problems but that’s the biggest mistake we can make . Imagine you are in a big rock 15 meters high above the sea and you have to jump into the sea . Would your rather dive with your back? Or with your face?

It might be scarier to jump with your face, but if you jump with your back it will hurt a lot more.

Step 4 : do what you love .

From all the people I ever spoke with , there are few that actually doing what they love to do . The truth is that we came to earth as humans , all different from each other and all with different talents . We all have a limited amount of time to live and trust me when you get 80 years old and you look at the past, your life will seem minutes long. So find your passion, and do it for a living.

Step 5 : find some free time .

I know, you have lots do and many deadlines to catch , but finding free time is crucial for your stress level . Try to set boundaries between the times you work and the times you relax. Don’t think about work on your free time . Try to watch a movie , discuss with someone about something that is not work related or even better start a hobby .